Decoration Rentals

All rental materials must be picked up a day before the event and dropped off a day after the event before 12:00 PM. All prices are subject to change.

Decoration ItemPrice
Wedding Love Seat$75.00
Two Wedding Chairs$50.00 each
Black & Gold Wedding Chairs$75.00 each
Metal Wedding Benches $50.00
Back Drop cloth 7ft$16.99
Back Drop cloth 14ft$21.99
Room Divider - Heavy & Patterned Drape$30.00
Black Sheer Drape - 8' x 15'$30.00
White Sheer Drape - 12' x 8' x 42'$30.00
Back Drop Poles$75.00
5ft Coat Rack $20.00
Coat Hangers$0.20
Bride Statue$200.00
8ft Pillar$25.99
6ft Pillar$17.99
48-inch Pillar$13.99
32-inch Pillar$11.99
Small Peacock Statue$50.00
Large Peacock Statue$125.00
Flower Basket$25.00
Charkha $100.00
Small Round Mirror$1.50
Big Round Mirror$2.50
Vases$1.00 to $35.00
Cow Sign$2.00
Buzzard Signs$5.00
Big Sandwich Sign$15.00
Small Helium Tank (150 balloons)$290.00 + $5.00 nozzle
Larger Helium Tank (250 balloons)$330.00 + $5.00 nozzle
PA System + 2 Mikes & 1 Stand $75.00
Extra 2 Mikes $75.00
Extra 3 Mikes $100.00
Bluetooth Speaker$145.00
Bluetooth Speaker W/Mike + Stand $160.00
Big Love Sign$800.00
Medium Love Sign$500.00
Small Love Sign$75.00
Inflatable Love Sign$100.00
Giant Heart 8ft High$999.00
Flower Walls Single$125.00 each
Flower Walls Double$250.00 each
Green Wall Single$125.00 each
Green Wall Double$250.00 each
Champagne Wall$250.00
4 x4 Staging$35.00 each
Flower Tree$50.00 each
Flower Balls w/stand$50.00 each
Red Carpet (3ft x 25)$50.00 each
Red Carpet (4ft x 25)$75.00 each
Red Carpet (6ft x 25)$150.00 each
Green Turf (Light)$25.00
Green Turf (Heavy)$35.00
Wedding Car Flowers$0.75 each

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