Chairs/Tables/Dinnerware Rentals

All rental materials must be picked up a day before the event and dropped off a day after the event before 12:00 PM. All prices are subject to change.

Grey Foldable chair$1.85
Maroon Foldable Chair$1.85
Black Foldable Chair$1.99
White Foldable Chair$1.99
Natural Garden Chairs$2.75 (summer pick-up special) / $3.75
White Garden Chair - Wood$2.75 (summer pick-up special) / $3.75
White Garden Chair - Resin$5.50
Black Wooden Garden Chairs$5.50
Dark Brown Garden Chairs$5.50
Dark Brown Wood Bench$35.00
Chiavari Chairs – Black, White, Gold, Silver$5.99 w/o pad & $7.99 w/pad
Lawn Chairs$3.75
Bar Stools$6.99
Dark Brown Wood Bar Stools$10.99
Chair Sashes$1.75
Chair Covers$2.00
Round Table$13.99
Rectangle Table – Plastic (4ft & 6ft)$11.99
Rectangle Table- Plastic (8ft)$13.99
Rectangle Table- Plastic 6ft foldable$16.99
Linen Tablecloth – Halfway (All sizes)- Black, white, and maroon$13.99
Linen Tablecloth – Floor-length (All sizes) – Black, white, and maroon$17.99
Bar Tables$11.99
Dark Brown Wood Farm Tables$75.00
Linen Napkins$1.00
Table Runners$1.75
All Dishes$0.65 each
All Cutlery$0.65 each10 pack
NEW Cutlery$0.90 each10 pack
Gold Charger Plates $0.90 each
All Serving Spoons$2.00 each
Cake Servers$3.00 each
Small Punch Bowls$11.99 each
Large Punch Bowls$13.99 each
Salad Bowls$16.99 each
1L Wine Holder$2.50 each
0.5L Wine Holder$2.00 each
Water Pitchers$2.00 each
Juice Dispenser$21.99 each
Wine Glasses$0.65 each25 pack
Champagne Flutes$0.65 each20 or 36 pack
Highball Glass$0.65 each#7 24 pack
Martini Glass$0.65 each16 pack
Water Goblet$0.65 each#7 and #J2 24 pack / #J1 25 pack
Whiskey Glass$0.65 each25 pack
Beer Glass$0.65 each24 pack #9
Teacups$0.65 each20 pack #3
Coffee Cups$0.65 each25 pack #1 / #2
Single Food Warmers$13.99 each
Double Food Warmers$16.99 each
Dome Lid Food Warmers$25.99 each
Cooking Pots$7.00 to $15.00
Roast Warmer$15.00
Coffee and Tea Maker$21.99 each
Hot Water Dispenser$21.99 each
Large Black & White Thermos$5.00
Small White Thermos$5.00
Party-sized Ice Chest$65.00
Pots$7.00 to $100.00
Beer Pump$35.00

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